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Product Specifications

Metal TypeGold
Weight5 GRAMS

Product Description

The Gold 5 Gram Aarus product is a beautifully designed gold bar, made in Canada with the highest quality standards. The bar is made of 9999 fine gold, which means that it is 24 karat and has an exceptional purity level that is among the highest in the industry. Aarus uses LBMA-approved refiner metal to mint their bars and coins, ensuring that every product meets industry standards and is of the utmost quality. The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) is an international trade association that represents the global market for gold and silver bullion. LBMA-approved refiners must meet strict standards for ethical and responsible sourcing, as well as for the quality and purity of the metals they produce. The Gold 5 Gram Aarus product is crafted with care and precision, featuring intricate markings denoting its weight and purity. The front of the bar displays the Aarus logo and the weight of the bar, while the back displays the Aarus name, the purity level, and a unique serial number. These markings are essential for collectors and investors, as they ensure the authenticity and value of the product. In addition to its exceptional quality and striking appearance, the Gold 5 Gram Aarus product comes with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate serves as a guarantee that the bar is genuine and verifies its weight, purity, and origin. The certificate provides peace of mind for collectors and investors alike, ensuring that they are receiving a high-quality product that meets industry standards. Overall, the Gold 5 Gram Aarus product is a wise investment choice for anyone looking to add to their precious metals collection. With its impressive purity level, careful crafting, LBMA-approved refiner metal, and accompanying certificate of authenticity, this gold bar is a valuable addition to any investment portfolio or collection.

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